Beginnings, and a career built on caring

Over the last 7 years, I have worked as an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker across the life span in acute and sub-acute cases, community and project settings, plus delivering training in the public mental health sector.

In recent years I’ve focused on providing psychotherapy and counselling to children, young people and families, as well as delivering training.

And I’ve always aimed towards one day having a full-time private practice – so Achievable Wellbeing was born in 2013.

I do enjoy working with parents and carers in supporting their child or children. I have extensive experience working with vulnerable adolescents (and their greater support networks) presenting with complex and severe mental illness and high-risk behaviours. I use evidence-based therapeutic approaches tailored to the individual needs of the client. 

Achieving all-round wellbeing

I strongly believe that all sides of our lives are important – that’s why I chose a five-colour theme for my logo to represent each part of ourselves. I stress the practical ways we can add to wellbeing in every area, like:

  • Emotional/mental – managing stress; asking for help when needed; staying organised at school or work
  • Relationships/Social – connecting to others, friends, partner, or siblings; hanging out with people; enjoying fun activities; playing sports
  • Physical – moving your body; sleeping; eating well; taking care of injuries
  • Spiritual – believing in something; guiding your inner life
  • Intellectual – attending work or school; learning new things; being curious about what is happening around you; living within your financial means; planning for the future

All of these elements need every other side to be balanced and stable. When they work well together, we can achieve a greater sense of wellbeing and be ready, willing and able to live our best lives.

The business name ‘Achievable Wellbeing’ came about because I know what’s achievable for me may not be for you and vice versa. Everyone has different goals. But whatever they are, they can be achieved with the right support.

Let’s talk

If you’re in need of a little rebalancing in your life (or even a lot), please get in touch. I’m a great listener.

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I’m here to teach you how to achieve better health, and walk you through the journey to wellbeing.

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