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Professional mentoring can help you achieve your career goals. If you’re working on progressing your Social Worker qualifications or branching out in a particular speciality in mental health, we may be able to work together. As a social work supervisor, I facilitate and monitor your skills and knowledge-building, helping you to reach full potential in your chosen career. I also provide on-the ground observation services for new graduates or students. If you’re applying for accreditation for AMHSW with the Australian Association of Social Workers, I can provide the supervision you need to meet the criteria.


Although social work and youth mental health are incredibly rewarding careers, there are times when you as the practitioner also need support. It’s important to understand how your work affects you and your wellbeing. And it’s important to identify and learn how to use self-care and wellness techniques to keep you at the top of your game. Supervision in this instance is all about encouragement and validation.


In our field, it’s imperative that the highest standards of practice and ethical considerations are upheld. Maintaining accountability is crucial, no matter your career stage. I’ve completed basic and advanced supervisor training backed up with years of experience in delivering supervision using best practice supervision models.

My particular interest in supervision for Social Workers is working with children, youth, adults, and families in mental health, social justice, advocacy and psychotherapy.

I can help and support you as a sounding board for complicated cases, or we can work together to clarify solutions for the best possible client outcomes. Supervision really helps to gain a holistic understanding of the wider environments in which a social worker engages, and to ensure individual best practices.

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Kelly’s supervisory skills have helped me to grow into a competent and knowledgeable Social Worker. Kelly has been my supervisor since I was a new graduate and now, I have successfully obtained a senior role within my organisation, with the help from Kelly. Supervisee, SA 

I’m here to teach you how to achieve better health, and walk you through the journey to wellbeing.

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